We are proud to provide you, our valued client, with the very best in travel. To maintain our impeccable level of service we have established professional fees. This allows our TICO registered Certified Travel Counsellors to provide you with their highly knowledgeable direct care and support before, during and after you travel - ensuring you the highest quality travel experience.

Our professional fees vary with the type of travel planning/booking undertaken. During our initial consultation with you we review the scope and complexity of your travel request and provide you an accurate quote.

We always strive to be your trusted advisor providing reliable personalized service to make your travels memorable & effortless!

Booking Type

Professional Fee*

Air or Hotel Only

From $100 per booking

Air/Hotel, All-Inclusive package, Cruise (up to 7 days)

From $100 per booking

Air/Hotel, All-Inclusive package, Cruise (over 7 days)

From $150 per booking

Customized/Bespoke Tour (up to 7 days)

From $250 per itinerary

Customized/Bespoke Tour (7+ days)

From $500 per itinerary

Group Coordination

From $500 per group

Changes or cancellations to tickets / hotels / itineraries after initial deposit

From $50 per change/cancellation

*All fees are in addition to any supplier charges, are subject to HST and are non-refundable.